My name is Steve Wood. Welcome to Peakscan, a set of short articles about Peak District history and geology.  For the last 30 years I have been fascinated by the origins of Derbyshire's landscapes. From time to time I run courses for people who want to understand more of what they see along the byways of Derbyshire - a favourite saying of mine is John Constable's : "We see nothing truly until we understand it."

I occasionally runs courses on Peak District landscapes when there is sufficient interest.  Subjects  covered will be similar to those covered in Peakscan: geology archaeology, natural history, turnpikes and moorlands, but focussed on places to visit and what to look for.   To register interest, email me on:

 - and let me know of any special interest.  Assuming a weekly structure, the scheme will be something like this:u have.  I am also available for one-off talks on Peak District subjects.
Week 1: Overview - elements of all below.
Week 2: Limestone landscapes - formation, fossils, dolomite, volcanics, plateus, dry valleys, caves, arches, pinnacles & fossils
Week 3: Gritstone & shale landscapes - formation, deep structure, edges & tors, the grit dome.
Week 4: Pre-History - stone circles & tombs, forts & ancient fields.
Week 5: Post-Roman - medieval faming, fortifications, crosses, moorlands  & reservoirs.
Week 6: Industrial Archaeology -  millstones, lead & coal
Week 7: Roads & Bridges - tracks, stoops, turnpikes & railways.
Field Trip: Gardoms Edge area: medieval fields, Bronze Age stone circle, Iron Age settlement, cup & ring marks, millstone quarry, old coal workings & whatever the weather throws at us!
ps   I have uploaded some of my images of the Peak District onto a photo sharing site: