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small stone - surprise view

Smallest - an abandoned, uncompleted, stone near Surprise View (SK 24831 79980). The diameter is only 25 inches / 63.5cm. Other small stones beside the track below are 12 inches / 30.5cm thick; assuming this would be the case for this stone, the finished weight would have been about 230kg.  Stones of this kind were not used for milling grain, but had many uses grinding industrial materials such as paint pigment, wood pulp or cork.
monster stone - wildmoorstones

Biggest - a completed stone with a diameter of 2.2 metres and 0.4 metres thick below Wildmoorstones (Burbage) Edge at SK26328 80890. It will weigh around 3.6 tonnes.  The stone is full of embedded gravel, and the eye very small (16cm) so this is very unlikely to be intended for grinding (the embedded gravel would give very erratic results) or milling (the eye could not feed a stone half this size); it must have been designed to be used as some kind of edge runner, along with 2 others immediately north of this location.

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