Time Line - Anglo Saxons to 19th Century.  
Approx. date  (AD)
Cromford & High Peak Railway
High Peak Trail
1750- 1800
Turnpike Roads
1700 - 1830
Enclosure of commons
Siddall's fields (Curbar)
1700 - 1850
Large scale lead mining
Mandale Mine (Lathkill Dale)
Plague / measles
Eyam Monuments
Civil War
Last wild deer killed
Suppression of monasteries
Beauchief Abbey
Black Death
Abandoned fields
around 1300
Deforestation & population expansion
"Hey" field names
around 1150 AD
Expansion of monastic "ranch" farms
Roystone Grange
1070 AD
Revolt of the North
Pilsbury Castle
1066 AD
Norman Conquest
Peveril castle
877 AD
Danelaw established
"Grain" & "Gate" names
 around 700 AD
Derbyshire part of Mercia
Eyam Cross
 around 600 AD
"Pecsaetan" (Anglo Saxon) people move into the area & give their name to the Peak.
Grey Ditch, Bar Dyke

around 535 -536
Widespread disruption & crop failures. May have been due to catastrophic volcanic explosions in Central America.
around 400 AD
Roman government collapses

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